Zetsumei Clan [Approved] Sneekers

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Zetsumei Clan [Approved] Sneekers

Post by Matamo on Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:29 pm

Clan Name:Zetsumei

Current Leader:Benoni Zetsumei

Kekka Genki: (blood limit/Special abilities)Torigan,tail,Extremely sensitive senses of hearing and smell,increased reflexes,agility,and balance.

Clan Jutsus:Torigan,Tiger claw jutsu,white tiger summoning,Hypnosis jutsu(will explain at the bottom)

Requirements:must have the dominate gene for Zetsumei clan

Clan Jutsu:

Clan History:The Zetsumei clan are the only ones able to summon the great white tigers of Onitori mountain.The clan originated in the hidden mist village where they were the rivals of the infamous hoshigake clan.The two clans fought for years until the Zetsume lost many many shinobi,and soon,due to the loss of so many shinobi with the dominant gene of the Kekkei genkai,the dominant gene began to fade away and the zetsumei clan lost any chance they had to defend themself against rival clans.To keep from losing more shinobi,the clan .migrated to the sand village.After they moved,the clan didnt fight anymore and most of the clan lived peacefully and for 50 years,nobody showed the dominant gene for the kekkei genkai in the family until Benoni was born.So far,he is the only one who has gone past stage 2 of the Torigan in the clan's entire history and the only one who shows the unique abilities of the clan.(this clan is open,just ask my permission to become a member of it.)

tiger claw technique
Element-fire or lightning
similar to the raikiri,the user gathers lightning or fire chakra in the hand that gives the user wolverine-like claws that can sever almost anything

the torigan makes the users eyes turn yellow and has four stages.In order to obtain the first stage,the user must see someone die.In order to obtain the second stage,you have to travel to onitori mountain and be blessed by the boss tiger,who will then look into their eye and the eye will activate itself from there.To obtain the third stage,the user must be attacked by one of the tigers and kill it with the second stage active.to obtain the fourth stage,the user must have the other 3 activated and then have a near death experience.

stage1-the eye becomes yellow and the user can see even in complete darkness

stage2-the pupil becomes slitted and along with the benifits of the first stage,the user can see through any genjutsu.

stage 3-the pupil forms a horozontal slit and the 2 slits form a cross.Along with the benefits of the first 2 stages,the user becomes able to control any feline animal(tigers,cats,lions,ect)

stage 4-The cross turns slightly and looks like an x.Along with any previous benifits,the user can now use the Hypnosis Jutsu.this stage consumes a large amount of chakra to activate.

hyonosis jutsu
the user forms the "tori"hand sign while using the torigan stage 4.then,by looking into an opponents eyes,he is able to hypnotize them for 1 minuite.While hypnotized,the opponent will do whatever Benoni commands them to do,but will move rather slowly if Benoni is low on chakra.Using this jutsu will completely drain Benoni's chakra if he isn't in his Demon state,and is unavaliable to any Zetsumei other than him.

ninja summoning:white tiger-
effect-the user summons a white tiger.These tigers are able to manipulate fire,earth,lightning.

boss summon:Ryutori

ryutori is the boss summon white tiger.He stands 50 feet tall when on all 4's.


Claw of the tiger king
element-lightning r earth
Description-Ryutori focuses earth chakra into his claws to harden them or Flows lightning chakra into them to damage and stun anything that the claws touch.

Tail of the tiger king
Description-By slamming his tail into the ground. Ryutori is capable of manipulating the earth around him, using it to attack or defend himself.

Roar of the tiger king
Description-Letting out a terrible roar, Ryutori lets out an enormous blast of lightning.Because of the chakra needed for this jutsu,Ryutori will not be able to use any more jutsu for 5 posts following the use of this technique.Also,because it is lightning,this attack moves too quickly for any shinobi to dodge,But can be blocked.

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