Minato Hitomi [Approved] Sneekers

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Minato Hitomi [Approved] Sneekers

Post by Matamo on Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:13 pm

Name: Minato "Silent As The Forest" Hitomi

Age: 19

Village: Village Hidden In The Leaves

Rank: Anbu

Appearance: His hair is about shoulder length and brown in color and quite wavy. Whenever he turns his head his hair usually waves everywhere. He is 6'2 tall with a slim build. His face bears 2 long scars one across his left eye and the other across his cheek. His eyes are piercing jade color. He is wearing a Dark green jonin jacket with a navy blue shirt under it. His trousers are black and have a small pouch of kunai on the right leg for easy use.

Personality: Calm and polite, Always using honorifics like san and kun towards people. Cares deeply for the saftey and well being of his comrades and hates to see them hurt. He will usually risk his life to save a comrade. When in battle he throws all this out of the window and becomes a ruthless killer, taking a life without hesitation. He also likes to smoke even though it might not be a healthy habit.

Clan Name: Hitomi

Blood Line or Speacial Ability: None

Elements: Wind, Earth

Skills/Specialties: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu


1: Jutsus Name: Stealth Walk
Rank: B
Element: Wind
Effect: Minato perfroms a short handsign sequence and seemingly vanishes. But in reality he is moving so fast you cant track his movements. This is his signiture move, He is always using it whenever he gets the chance.
SKill: Nin

2: Name: Earth barrier
Rank: C
Element: Earth
Effect: Minato creates a wall of earth in front of him. This is used only for defensive uses. The barrier is fairly strong but a few strong blows will make it crumble.
Skill: Nin

3: Name: Wind Palm:
Rank B
Element: Wind
Effect: Creates 2 small wirlwinds in Minatos palm. When he strikes an opponent the whirlwinds get bigger and envelop the opponent spinning him round and round and then throwing a few feet away.
SKill: Tai

4:Name: Earth Palm
Element: Earth
Effect: Sort of the same as wind palm, but this time Minato's hands are coated in hard Earth. When he punches someone the force is enough to break several ribs and send them a few feet backwards. The earth is heavy however and tires Minato out.
SKill: Tai

5:Name: Breath of wind
Rank: C
Element: Wind
Effect: Minato inhales deeply, when he exhales his breath is turned into A huge gust of wind strong enough to bring a man off his feet or uproot a trees. It is also strong enough to put out fire
Skill: Nin

6:Name: Typhoon Blast
Rank: A
Element: Wind
Effect: A very powerfull technique, Minato perforoms a long hand sign sequence, then 3 huge hurricanes appear and Minato can guide them a short distance. The hurricanes are strong enough to level one of the hidden villages and cause a massive drain on chakra and life. So Minato will rarely use this.

7 Name: Boulder Barrage
Rank: B
Element: Earth
Effect: Minato slams the ground with a huge force. causing several small rocks to appear then he punches them towards his opponents

8: Name: Silent Death
Rank: A
Element: Wind
Effect: Minato applys wind chakra to one or two kunai, He then slashes very fast at an opponent. The wind chakara oblitorates the opponent leaving several bloody chunks of them left.

9: Name: Swallowing Pit
Rank: A
Element: Earth
Effect: Mianto places both palms on the Ground, The ground then opens up and swallows any thing caught in its radius, The pit then closes crushing anything swallowed.

Kunai: 25

Characters History:
Minato was born into an unhappy house. His father was a drunk who regularly beat his wife nearly to death. However at the time Minato was too young to understand. When he was 4 years old, His nightmare began....His father in a drunken fueled rage attacked Minato with a knife leaving 2 long scars across his face. Minato fled the house, hald blinded with pain he stumbled across a jonin who was shocked at Minato's injurys. He took Minato to a safe palce and cleaned his wounds. Minato didnt cry however.... At age 8 Minato joined the Accedemy. he was an average student with average marks average clothes and everything. He spent alot of his time on his own and developed his own Jutsu The Stealth Walk.

At age 10 he became a genin. He got on well with his teammates and sensei, forming a strong bond of friendship with them. However it didnt last, during a mission something went wrong and His sensei and teammates were killed. Minato returned to the village alone, clutched in his hand the headband of his comrade. For the 1st time Minato cried and cried. At age 12 he became a chunin, And became increasingly more talented. AT age 18 he became a jonin, He was very skilled at assassination due to his stealthwalk move, The other village feared him for his silent moving and he was dubbed "Silent As The Forest " Minato.

Rp Sample:
"Thats it we have found him" Says a cloaked figure to his comrades as they circle Minato.
Minato stands calmly observing the 5 men surrounding him. No doubt they were assassins sent to kill him. "We have you at last....Silent As The Forest Minato". Minato chuckles at them. "You have no idea what your getting into buddy...If you wish to live I sugest you run...now". Minato then vanishes and appears behind the leader with a kunai to throat. "Never underestimate me". he then cuts the throat. The man drops to the ground dead. His comrades look on...And flee. Minato ignores them and walks away in the oppisite direction. He then smiles and cuts every throat before they realise he was there. One man was left alive. Minato walks over to him. He throws the kunai on the ground near him. "Tell your boss that Silent As The Forest, Says Hello". The man then fled. He retuns home. He reports what happened to the Hokage. "Assassins? Again?....The other villages must really fear you". Minato shrugs at this statement, "Yeah...I guess your right, Hokage-Sama". Minato leaves the hokages office and returns to his home. He sits on a chair and thinks about his next mission.

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