My Demon Rank Jutsu

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My Demon Rank Jutsu

Post by Matamo on Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:09 am

Jutsus Name: Data Ne Tomoara
Rank:DR (Demon Rank)
Effect:This jutsu allows Atakaru in his Lightning Demon form to shoot 12 shoots of over sized, Chakra enduced lightning. These Lightning shots are almost enavoidable because they move at the speed of lightning and can be controlled by Atakarus element. Atakarus demon form can cause emince damage do to 600 bolts of pure electricity. This jutsu is usually launched from the mouth and finger tips like a gun. This jutsu can only be used in demon form and will still drain 1/4 of the Demon form chakra.
Skill:Nin/ Demon Ability

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