Daniwa [Approved] Sneekers

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Daniwa [Approved] Sneekers

Post by Matamo on Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:55 pm

Name: Daniwa

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Village: Hidden Leaf

Ninja Rank: ANBU Capt.

Clan: None

Looks: Daniwa without ANBU mask
With a black mask with floral designs in hot pink and soft green such as small flowers and vines.

Personality: She's normally mellow unless in an intense battle or diagreement. She tends to gaze at anonymous things and only hears what she wants to when someone speaks to her. Her weaknesses involve multitasking whether it be mentally or physically when it involves caring for another being and when she's called by her alias. It weakens her mentally making her much more vulnerable in combat unless she manages to replace it with anger which she uses to kill her enemy. She can seem selfless in some situations but that's never the case. She's also a real flirt when she tries to get things she wants. In general she' a mellow, quick witted and sexy woman with a lacking of trust signs.

Special Characteristics: n/a

Elements: Fire & Earth

Skills/Specialties: Ninjutsu and Weaponry


Jutsu #1 Name: Engulfing Flames
Rank: A
Element: Fire
Effect: Daniwa cut her palms open and holds the bleeding wounds to one another. The blood produces heat that travels from her hands to her entire body that allows her body to be covered in fire. The fire strengthens her in attack and defends her from close combat since she is over 150 degrees. If she is struck with fire she can simply absorb it and strengthen herself even more and is easily doused with the right amount of water.
Skill: Nin

Jutsu #2 Name: Inferno
Rank: D
Element: Fire
Effect: Daniwa produces radiated chakra at the tips of her fingers and aims and fires at her opponent with her fingers acting as a gun. She favors this move because this was the first one she made at a young age to mess with her teachers. If it hits something that can start a fire it will.
Skill: Nin

Jutsu #3 Name: Transportation Jutsu
Rank: B
Element: n/a
Effect: Daniwa "poofs" and disappears. She reappears somewhere away from where she last stood. The less chakra she has, the closer she'll be to where she last was. The more chakra she has, the further she'll be to where she last was. Overall, she uses little chakra to perform this jutsu.
Skill: Nin

Jutsu #4 Name: Cross Cut
Rank: B
Element: Earth
Effect: The red engravings of roots that run up the middle of the blade split the sword in 2 and Daniwa slices her opponent with her swords in an X formation.
Skill: Weaponry

Jutsu #5 Name: Substituion
Rank: E
Effect: She switches herself with an object to keep herself out of harms way.
*Disclaimer, needs help locating it on the jutsu site*

Jutsu #6 Name: Rose Neck Jutsu
Rank: A
Element: Earth
Effect: Daniwa leaps up over head of her opponent and holds the pose of a hand stand with vines that shoot out of her wrists and wrap around her opponents neck. She then spins in a twister like fashion until the neck snaps or falls off. From sky view, her lower torso looks like a rose from the rapid spinning motion.
Skill: Nin

Jutsu #7 Name: Flaming Flower
Rank: S
Element: Earth & Fire
Effect: Daniwa casts out a giant flower from the palm of her hand that acts as a giant shield that sucks up the chakra put into the attack and supplies Daniwa with what it caught through the vine that connects the two. If severed, the flower wilts and disperses and Daniwa's jutsu is cancelled. The flower also catches fire when it senses taijutsu or weaponry to burn the target or worn daniwa before if blows up into smaller petals.
Skill: Nin

Jutsu #8 Name: Summoning->Giant Plant, Durashi
Rank: S
Element: Earth
Effect: Daniwa summons a giant plant that looks like a giant flytrap. This flytrap however is a walking and talking plant. It has a miraculous set of jaws and sharp roots. It travels by hopping around on it's round bum but it's strength makes up for it's lack of speed. Durashi can eat his opponents and swallow them whole, he can stab and grab with his vines, he can perform melee with seeds spat out and can gain chakra to the maximum by planting his roots. Durashi hates being summoned in snow and water and can't stand animals.
Skill: Nin


Weapon Name: Sow-byoku
Type: Offensive
Weapon Description: A long samurai sword/Katana with red root looking marks on the blade. It will ignite and become a flaming sword when an evil presence or aura is detected.

Weapon Name: Shibuki
Type: Offensive & Defensive
Weapon Description: A giant shuriken that shields Daniwa's back protecting her from the rear whenever there.The shuriken always returns to it's owner like a boomerang.

History/Background Story:
Daniwa was born on the first day of Spring. She was spoiled as a child but soon abandoned when her parents left on vacation and never returned. With her stuck up attitude, she somehow obtained friends but advanced in class and was put in multiple squads. The reason being, she killed each and every one. Well she didn't do it but somehow, there was always some wild incident that would turn up. The first one being her first friend, a girl a bit younger than her named Yoshi. She had been blinded by spiked food but Daniwa didn't give her a moment of rest. Yoshi eventually fell into a simple trap and her head was severed clean off of her head. Than after that, all 11 of her other teams had died in action some weird way. She felt flying solo was her best option but the ANBU Capt. had left it in his will to make her the new captain since she was actually his god daughter and she had surpassed him since he trained her with his Earth style.

Once he died in action, she was granted what was rightfully hers. She was only 16 and had set out on her first expedition. With that, she had met a daffy old fool in the forest country, Master Tohru who had presented her with her sword, "Sow-Byoku" and trained her Fire style and swordsmanship. She was top ninja and was undefeated. From her sassy ways she had developed over the years, she had also become a man's target. She was so appealing in every way; strength, looks, personality. Because she realized she was such a charmer, she's fond of playing hard to get and is known as a royal b-(girl dog) around other woman that try competing with her. She now leads a team of 5 ANBU in hopes of not killing them off with, "The Curse of the Doom Flower."

Roleplay Sample:

Daniwa waltzed through the field of flowers. The moonlight cascading down upon her with a veil of white laminating her. She leaped forward to continue her dance beneath the stars but stopped sensing another presence. She looked over her shoulder with sparkling eyes and saw "him."

Her heart pounded. "He" had come for her. She resumed a relaxed stance as he advanced on her. "His" lips locked on hers lustfully. She was pulled flat against his body. She for some reason couldn't see beyond the silhouette he appeared to be. When she reached out at her lover, her hand went straight through him. She let out a scream....

"Ah! Min-oh...." she held her forehead in her hands. "Just a....dream....Daniwa you fool. Go to bed." she growled at herself angrily and turned onto her side before dozing off back to sleep.

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