Enzro Clan [Approved] Sneekers

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Enzro Clan [Approved] Sneekers

Post by Matamo on Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:46 am

Clan Name: ENZRO

Current Leader: Nakashi Enzro

Kekka Genki: Due to a unique genetic build of the Enzro clan, they are able to manipulate earth and fire elements molding it into lava/ magma. They can create any form of attack with the lava either making it a dragon lava attack etc. Their lava and sworm around their bodies as protection it does not hurt them but other members attack can.

Clan Jutsus:
Jutsus Dotan Kazangan no jutsu- lava dragon technique
Rank: A
Range:close(0-5m) Mid(5-15m) far (20m+)
Type: Attack
Dontan Kazangan is a mixture between Tobimaru fire and earth elements by mixing the two jutsu and putting in a tremendous amount of chakra together he created the lava much is effective against water type attacks. If the lava is cooled down by the enemy water jutsu the lava is then turned into hard rock which is then used to attack enemies.This jutsu was accidentally killed Tobimarus teammate when they were on a mission.

Lava enkai no jutsu-lava ocean technique
Range: Mid(5-15m+) far(20m+)
Lava ocean Technique,The ninja does his necceasry hand seals and a pool of lava emerges around the enemies feet. When this happens a large oceanic look of lava can be seen around the enemy melting his body.

Lava shouheki –Lava Barrier
This is a lava barrier that the ninja uses to keep out his enemies or block against high level attacks. The barrier looks something like a yellow firer glass. If the enemy comes close to it the heat will be too powerful that it will burn the ninja skin off.

Lava kami no jutsu-Lava hair technique
Range:Close(0-5m+) Mid(5-15m)
The ninja will release his bloodline limit power by making it go towards his/her hair and releasing a large sheet of lava towards his enemies creating a tremendous heat. When this is done the lava will engulf its enemies melting their bodies.

Lava ookawa furo-Lava river flow
Range-(0-5m+) Mid (5-15m)
Type –attack
This is a larger amount of lava emerging from the ground beneath Tobimaru and heading towards his enemies in a flowing river motion.

Requirements:In order to use the Enzro’s clan bloodline limit there must be both fire and earth elements.

Clan History:
The Enzro clan was said to be one of the most strongest clan in the sand village. This was said because of their powerful lava bloodline limit. Most of the clan members where wiped out over the time of war. The clan number has decreased over the years and only a just around 50 of them remain in the sand village. The lava which they develop can be used to engulf around their bodies as protection and for attack as well. By doing this the clan was acknowledge by the 1st Kazekage and they showed other members of the village how to mould the two elements but it wasn’t a success. The Enzro clan realized that they created their own bloodline limit and they used this as an opportunity to be one of the top clan in the village. Each clan members have the same number of jutsu that comes from their bloodline limit. It is unknown however if there can be other jutsu learnt from their bloodline limit.

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