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Clans/Org/Missing Nin/Demons Available

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:43 pm

0/5 Uchiha

This clan from Konoha Village is known for its ability to copy Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu and then replicate it at will. Clan members have the ability to alter their eyes to take the form of "Sharingan". With their eyes in this form clan members can copy the movement of those they examine.

0/8 Hyuuga

This clan from Konoha Village is known for its ability to visualize the chakra pathways, or tenketsu, of their opponent. Using this technique in conjunction with taijutsu techniques, they can forceably close their opponents chakra points so the victim can no longer use their chakra.

0/7 Aburame Clan

This clan from Konoha Village is known for its ties to insect. At birth clan members form an agreement with bugs to inhabit and feed on the chakra their body creates. In return the bugs will serve the commands of the clan member.

0/6 Akimichi Clan

This clan from Konoha Village is known for its ability to modify the size of its body, increasing their mass to a large spherical ball. In this form it is difficult for the clan user to take physical damage.

0/3 Senju Clan

Senju (Thousand Arms) of the Forest were one of the founding clans of Konoha. Under Senju Hashirama, they allied with other clans including the Uchiha, to found the Fire Country's ninja village. It is unknown if Senju retains a clan structure in the current Konoha. Tsunade is the only known living descendant of founding brothers of Konoha.

0/6 Kaguya Clan

The Kaguya clan hailed from Hidden Mist and they were known for their love of battle. They foolishly decided to challenge their home country and they were all wiped out save for Kimimaro. This clan has the ability to manipulate their bone structure, this ability is called Shikotsu Myaku (Corpse Bone Pathways). They can remove their bones at will to create weapons as strong as steel and also use their abilty to spurn the creation of new bones.

0/5 Fuuma Clan

The Fuuma were a well known clan around the Rain Country. After Jiraiya started his world travels, he battled a ninja from this clan. Later, Jiraiya would hear rumors that Pain, the leader of Akatsuki, was from this clan.

More may become avialable as our site grows and more people make their own clans:

Missing Nin 0/10

Akatsuki 4/8


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