Rank Promotion rules

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Rank Promotion rules

Post by Lucifer on Tue Aug 26, 2008 7:28 pm

since people will ask how would they be promoted I made this topic to answer all questions and if you do have a question after you read this please post a reply so the admin or a moderator may answer you question to the best of their ablity.

academy student:this rank may be giving to anyone who applies for this rank.

genin:this rank will be given as soon as we find a squad and a Jounin for you to join.

chuunin:this rank will be given to you once you eneter the chuunin exam and pass them.

jounin:this rank will be given out by the kage of your village and only when they feel you are ready.

ANBU:this rank is the most elite and is only given out by your kage when they feel you truly are deserving of it.

ANBU captain:This rank is given out only by your kage and only when you prove youself capable of leadership and trust from your kage

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