maximum of people in a battle

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maximum of people in a battle

Post by Nakashi Enzro on Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:28 pm

When you are Role playing against multiple characters the maximum amount of people that are allowed to fight:
1 vs.1
2 vs. 1
2 vs. 2
There reason for this is to avoid confusing when fighting. People tend to ignore other people attack when it is over crowded. If it comes down to be a major war battle please make multiple topics. Example
4 sand members attacking the leaf
sand members- Jon, alex,paul,sarah
Leaf members- Adam, Ryan, Pete,zenny

Now someone would create a topic
Jon and Alex vs.Adam and Ryan
Then those four would go and fight in one topic

Next Topic would be
Paul and Sarah vs. Pete and Zenny

Now that would be something good to watch and please do not ignore other people jutsu. Thank you and have fun.
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