Ultimate Bankai

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Ultimate Bankai

Post by Shishimaru Senju on Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:38 pm

Jutsus Name:Ultimate Bankai
Effect:Shishimaru will take out his tri blades ,Akuma,Zabimaru, and Sandai, and shout "3 become one, Yoroi!" then the blades will shine a bright light and the swords will form together to form the Yoroi sword and armor. This armor is in destructible and will never rust. It has the Power to be as lite as a feather of as hard and heavy as pure steel 200 pound dumbell. It also has the power to deflect any C or below ranked jutsu and absorb it. The sword can cut through concrete and has the ability to change from a bow and arrow, to a three blade scythe, to a large axe about my size and weight, to a large sword.
Bow and arrow:

Three bladed scythe:


The armor looks like this:


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