The Story Thus Far

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The Story Thus Far

Post by Matamo on Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:52 pm

During the Fifth Great Shinobi War there was Chaos. Most Villages were thrown into poverty and stealing. These were not the best time for the villages. As they were in great destress from the force put on them by other villages.

During this war the 7 Great Scrolls of Tuyakushi were hidden. These scrolls had great power sealed within them and the Village Leaders new that if these fell into the other villages hands they were doomed. So they hid them away. But they were found years later by the newer generation of Sand and Leaf villages. These scrolls are now mostly in the hands of Sand and Leaf but one scroll is under Akatsukis power. These scrolls when combined together increases the users chakra 40x. Although that is with them all together. They only work when together during a full moon. These scrolls can not be burned ripped or destroyed in any way.

After the end of the Fifth Great Shinobi war the two kage's of each village made a treaty and had a handshake giving a fake smile, each kage knowing that the other can betray the treaty at any moment.Both villages live in peace but live withought trust each village training their now deminshed amount of ninja for any sign of war from the other village.But what the two villages are unaware of is that there is another threat begining to form their name is Akatsuki.

These villages however have a lot of defence of their own. These Villages have the The Kenkau 3. A legendary org that works for the good of the villages. This Org helped establish the treaty and helped revive the village of its resources after the war. This Org is the opposite of the Akatsuki and the Akatsukis enemies in every way.

Akatsukis goals are to:
Obtain all 7 Great Scrolls of Tuyakushi
Kill the Kages of every village
Destroy the villages for good and eventually have world domination
Destroy and kill all Kenkau 3 Org Members


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