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soran clan

Post by jv12468 on Sat Sep 20, 2008 4:37 am

Clan Name:soran clan

Current Leader:hikay/jv12468

Kekka Genki: .kiyate.purpul chakra and red eyes .uncontollabull. wen gets mad this hapens

Clan Jutsus:
name.thunder wolf jutsu
rank.a wolf made out of thunde comes to aid u

Requirements:to use the soran bloodline u must have Lightning,water elaments

Clan Jutsu:
jutsu name. chakra take over
makes boby compleatly in to chakra increasin chakra and damig 100% but most likely u will die after useing

Clan History:the soran clan has ben around for a long time 1 of the oldest clans .numbers have ben decreasing rapedly ther are only 5 of thim left .long ago ther was a future teller thay sead that the clan wold die out almost completly but ther was 1 way they could servive the future teller sead ther saveyer would be born and his name wold be hikay and and the only way to rebild the clan is to put him in the leaf villige so they did and the remaning 4 followd . and now they live in the leaf.


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