Akatsuki's first move

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Akatsuki's first move

Post by Matamo on Tue Sep 23, 2008 6:09 pm

Arc name:Akatsuki's first move

setting:Wind country-sand village desert

characters in arc: kazekage, akatsuki leader, akatsuki duo, four man squad of sand ninja, sand ninjas(npc's)


The Akatsuki leader sends a two man team to the wind country to retrieve one of the Tuyakushi scrolls in the sand village desert.The team succesfully enters the wind country but while traveling towards the location of the scroll they encounter some sand ninja(NPC's).The Akatsuki duo easily kills the sand ninja but one of the sand ninja sends a message to the kazekage by using his meesanger hawk, after this the sand ninja is killed by one of the Akatsuki duo.

The Akatsuki duo then begin to travel towards the location of the Tuyakushi scroll.In the sand village the kazekage for an unkwon reason feels something bad is happening somewhere.At the moment he begins to think about why he has this feeling a sand village jounin with the message the messanger hawk has reports to the kazekage what it's about. After hearing the situation the kazekage makes a four man team of sand ninja and sends them to the desert to destroy the intruders.In the desert the Akatsuki duo finally reach the location of the scroll at first glance it just looks like nothing is there but when one of the Akatsuki members begins to walk foward the floor beneath them crumbles and the Akatsuki duo fall into the hole.

When they reach the bottom of the hole they find themselves in a cavern.The Akatsuki duo then find the Tuyakushi scroll they were sent to retrieve.The Akatsuki duo then grab the scroll and as they begin to get out of the cavern, and as they begin to get out of the cavern the four man ninja squad the kazekage sent finally reach the duo.At first the sand ninja squad were cautious of the duo as they did not know if the Akatsuki team were the ones they were sent to destroy.But all this changed when one of the sand ninja notices one of the Akatsuki members with the Tuyakushi scroll.

At the sight of seeing the duo with the Tuyakushi the sand ninja know the two Akatsuki are the enemy and attack them a battle then begins between the sand ninja and the two Akatsuki members.As the battle ensues the Akatsuki member holding the scroll drops it on the floor. At the sight of this one of the sand ninjas fighting the akatsuki that dropped the scroll runs towards the scroll and picks it up.The Akatsuki member sees this and he sneak attacks the sand ninja with the scroll injuring him in the proccess and immobilizing him from the battle.

Then the Akatsuki member retrieves the scroll back and begins to fight the other sand ninja that was fighting him one on one.The other Akatsuki member having trouble with the two sand ninja gets his headband knocked off him and the headband falls onto the ground.Realizing that if this keeps going on they will surely not retrieve the scroll.So the Akatsuki member that had his headband off him moves towards his partner and then tells him that they had to escape.

One of the sand ninja noticing that the Akatsuki members were trying to escape stops them by attacking them.The battle then turns into a one on one and a two on one fight.

first scenario on the arc ending:

The Akatsuki members are succesful in retrieving the scroll and may have or may have not killed or injured a sand ninja or sand ninjas.They will also report to the Akatsuki leader and give him the scroll.The sand ninja if any alive return to the sand village and report to the kazekage their failure of the mission.

second scenario on arc ending:

The Akatsuki members are unsuccesful in returning the scroll and may have or may have not escaped the battle and one or both Akatsuki members were caught or one or both akatsuki members were killed. The sand ninja squad will return with the scroll and may or may not have one or both akatsuki members captured.The sand ninja will then report to the kazekage and tell them of their succes in the mission.If any Akatsuki member escapes he or they will report to the akatsuki leader and tell him of their failure.

((Everything but the fight seen))


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