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rules of the forum

Post by Lucifer on Wed Aug 27, 2008 1:53 pm

-you cannot be from two clans

-If you want your character to be killed please state that you want your character to be killed in paratheses at the bottom of your post.

-you can only join a topic only if your character knows whats going on in the topic so you can't just show up out of nowhere and begin to rp in the topic.

-no implants

-you cannot add your character is in a clan if you didn't put he/she was apart of that clan in your app.

-No cannon character you need to make your own Costom Ninja.

-No cannon weapons

-No Nara Clan Jutsus

-Max of 4 active characters at once. (unless u die and are told otherwise)

-You are not allowed to have a person's custom jutsus unless they allow it.

-No Flaming

-No God-modding

-No force-play

-no rinnegan

-no eternal sharingan

-if you have mangekyo sharingan that doesn't mean you can have amaterasu, tsukoyomi, or susanoo.This is becouse all mangekyo's have a different ability

- no combining of two other clans to make a new bloodline.

-you are only allowed two different animal summonings

-No Racistism

-Be nice to Everyone

-No Rp-ing when your not accepted

-Be respectfull to every staff member

-Go here to create your ninja if you cant find the section it in

-Messages that promote illegal activities are prohibited

-please dont double post

- Please make an effort on grammar and spelling.

-Don't create multiple accounts especially without an admin or moderator knowing

-Respect the members, adm and mods

-Only Chuunin-level ninjas and above are able to leave the village to join a criminal organization or become/ be trained by a missing nin.

-when you make a custom jutsu nobody is allowed to use them unless you let them

-Avoid RP in several places at once, you shouldn't be able to be in more than one place at once.

-if a topic says private on it you are not allowed to join the topic unless it's okay with the creator

-Don't pm any Staff member about rank promotions

-No spamming is allowed in the Chatbox.

-Be nice to everyone on the Chatbox. Don't be rude, and keep away from being annoying.

-We aren't very Strict about "Curse Word's" but try to avoid them at all cost.

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