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My shinobi

Post by Kiba_Inuzuka on Fri Nov 14, 2008 7:57 am

Name:Baki Inuzuka
Looks: My avatar

One day When Baki was 13 months old his parents were assigned a very important mission to take the princess from the land of snow to the leaf village and protect her from many of the exiled snow ninja planning to kill her in order to take over the land of snow. Nobody would care for Baki during there mission so they felt the obligation of taking him with them.
When they arrived at the hall sitting on the throne was the princess. She got up and and walked in between them both. They walked out of the hall and were heading to the main entrance when one of there ninja dogs pounced on the princess ripped off part of the princess' cloak and ran back into the main hall and there was a mass explosion.
When they turned around they saw the two main entrance guards fall to the ground and when they looked behind them they saw two snow ninjas each with a katana in there hand. The snow ninja ran at them And when they defended themselves many more snow ninja came holding Baki by the waist with one hand.
Baki!!!!!! Cryed Baki's mom.
Oh, so thats the name of this little baby.-said the leader of the group.-Dont worry beautiful, well take care of this baby. The akatsuki need him to collect ninjas from all these famous clans.
We were going to transfer one of Obitos sharingans to see how powerful he'll get. Finish them off boys.

We've let you use your sharingan to copy Kakashi's famous nin-dog jutsu, the one horned ice whale from yor kidnapper... what else do you need... ah yes we stillneed to give you some air cutter hole's in your hands. Dont worry, compared to your torture training it wont hurt a bit.
Shutipo, Cane-ra, come here. Now youv'e got your dogs to comfort you.
Not funny. I just wanna kill the son of a bitch of snow ninja leader to avenge the death of my parents. Dont worry i'll make it quick and easy heard that Zetsu.

Triple Headed Wolf
The attack in which Kiba and Akamaru are both in the forum of a wolf which increases their power 10 fold. Their attacks are faster and harder and they are also impossible to stop when in this form though because this form is so strong it also requires a lot of chakra and after this renders the user useless and almost completely immobilized. This attack is usally a combo with the Garouga for maximum damage.
Piercing Fang
A powerful taijutsu attack where the user spins towards the opponent with amazing speed, in an attempt to cut and scratch them with claws, fangs, etc. In most cases, performed by two or more people/animals at the same time.
Beast Human Clone
Juujin bunshin
Basically the animal turns into an exact replica of the human and it also works vice-versa.
Body substitute skill
Kawarimi no jutsu
It's implied in the name. The user switches his or her body with a plant, animal or anything for that matter. This is used to escape dangerous situations such as many sharp projectiles being flung at the person. Sometimes you can damage your opponent with this attack even.
Earth Element, Tracking Fang Skill
Doton, Tsuiga no Jutsu
An earth type technique used in combination with Kuchiyose no Jutsu. A variety of Ninja Dogs is summoned who'll burrow themselves underground and track down the opponent. When found, the Ninja Dogs burst from the ground and take hold of the opponent's body. The opponent becomes unable to move, and is left wide open for larger scale jutsu. These dogs can also be summoned one at a time to track down an opponent.
Transformation skill
Henge no jutsu
A basic shinobi skill. Transforms the user into another different appearance. Whether they transform into another person or turn into a material thing such as a shuriken, doesn't matter.
Ultimate Air Slicing Blast
Zankuu kyokuha
A device implanted in both arms of the user (usually from the palms) allows the control of super sonic sound waves an air pressure. The device allows the currents to be concentrated in one place, and creates large blasts of air shot from the palms. This is a more powerful blast than the Zankuuha.
Dance of the Crescent moon
Mikazuki no mai
A sword technique which creates two clones that attack simultaneously to confuse the opponent.
Double Wolf Fang
A high speed tornado attack in which Kiba and Akamaru attack the opponent by scratching and clawing at high speeds in which they cut their enemies into pieces. The speed is so fast that ithe users cannot see, but that is no problem, Kiba and Akamaru's sense of smell leads them to their opponent. Even if they barely miss the target the extreme spin still slices the target, leaving them weak for one more shot. The technique uses a lot of chakra and energy, usually leaving the users very wiped out and tired after with a very low amount of chakra

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