Somoroku Clan KG=Grezuyti

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Somoroku Clan KG=Grezuyti

Post by Garovo on Sat Nov 15, 2008 6:39 am

Kekkei Genkai Name: Grezuyti

Clan Name: Somoroku

Leader: Satono (Utonro’s niece)

Village: Konoha

History: Their clan originated from a small camp. They are a small, fast learning, jutsu loving clan of ninja who for some reason have a strange craving for hot bean soup and have a bad reputation with paper bombs. Their attacks are mostly fast but are not that power full. Most have good aim is good but not great. Most of them fall asleep fast when they are bored. The clan is about 200 years old.

The KG was developed by a birth defect in a child named Grezuyti Somoroku who was born with the instinct to know her ability's so she wrote a scroll to help all others like her in the future. Her kids grew up learning these ability's and left home to chase their dreams and soon had kids and their kids had kids and there kids had kids and so on till they eventually fond a place to start a village and eventually over the generations they lost the scroll and lost all memory of the KG. But one day the KG went haywire (kind of like on code Geuass when it went out of control out of nowhere) and everyone was seeing through walls and destroying stone things without warning and this began the time where they called it a curse.

The KG remained called a curse until Utonro Somoroku, which was the leader at that time, found a ancient parchment on the hidden abilities of their KG made by Grezuyti Somoroku. This really changed their ideas on this so called “curse” and had the entire clan wanting to learn and control its abilities. Most have mastered their Kekkei Genkai which is now called the Grezuyti. At that time some wanted to abuse the abilities of the Grezuyti but Utonro fought it until they left the clan but as a few came back to murder Utonro in his sleep.

Surprised by this brutal act, the clan left there homeland to find refuge in villages across the world to prevent getting killed themselves. Their experiences from their old homeland have eventually led to the point where none could remember their old homeland at all. Many now wish to go home to their old and true homeland but as they have no idea where it is they simply can’t. Some of the oldest members search the lands to find clues about their old home.

Kekkei Genkai:
Grezuyti(or green eye curse) is the Kekkei Genkai of the Somoroku clan. It gives the eye a light green color and four black dots in a kind of rectangle appear around the iris. Their Kekkei Genkai allows them to see through sold objects like rock and allows them to sculpt rock quickly with Chakra into objects that can be used in different ways (such as a wall or a shelter or a weapon). They do this by getting in a kind of karate chop position with their hand (kind of Gentle fist looking)
Then they send chakra through their fingers to the object and then manipulate it through streams of chakra. They can alter the object’s into different things to use for their advantage in battle and for personal gain.

It takes little chakra to see through using the Grezuyti while it takes a lot of chakra to make things with it. The range of the Grezuyti grows as they age or gain in skill at it. At young ages most can see through walls of about 3 inch. Their most powerful time is around the age of 35 where they can see up to a mile (1,6Km) but after that the distance they can see decreases very fast no mater how powerful they are. When they look through objects they see in Black and White. The amount of object they can see through depends on the user’s age:
1 object at a time at age 5-10
2 objects at 11-15
4 objects at 16-34
5 objects at 35-40
4 objects at 41-48
3 objects at 49-55
2 objects at 56-61
1 object at 62 to their eventual death

Clan-Related Techniques:

Name: Grezuyti Style: Rock Shuriken
Type: Supplementary; Bloodline Limit Technique
Rank: D
Effect: Crates a rock shuriken that shatters on impact and can be controlled with the users chakra.
Drawbacks: You can only use one at a time and it takes time to make. There has to be a rock near and the control is limited. (no really sharp angles)

Name: Grezuyti Style: Trap Floor
Type: Surprise Attack ; Bloodline Limit Technique
Rank: D
Effect: Hides the user in a hole in the floor with a thin sheet of rock. Then the user can brake that rock and attack the enemy with much surprise. (can stun the enemy)
Drawbacks: You cannot stay in trap for long because there is little air. The floor has to be made of stone.

Name: Grezuyti Style: Fragment Wall
Type: Defensive; Bloodline Limit Technique
Rank: C
Effect: Sends chakra at a rock and shatters it into small fragments and the user can control the fragments with chakra to make a wall of flying rock fragments that hurt enemy when they walk towards you.
Drawbacks: It takes a lot of chakra to sustain the wall. There has to be a rock near.

Name: Grezuyti Style: Soil Rock
Type: Supplementary ; Bloodline Limit Technique
Rank: B
Effect: Cruses the soil nearby into rock for the user to use in other Bloodline Limit Techniques.
Drawbacks: Takes a lot of force and chakra control. Has to be usable soil nearby.

Name: Grezuyti Style: Rock Canon
Type: Offensive; Bloodline Limit Technique
Rank: B
Effect: Cuts a large block from a nearby rock face and the user than can use chakra to shot small blocks at enemy The rock is about the size of a dresser and the about are about the size of a 2 liter pop container. (Can be used until the rock is gone)
Drawbacks: Has no diagonal shot range and no upward shots ether.

Name: Grezuyti Style: Grezuyti sight
Type: Supplementary; Bloodline Limit Technique
Rank: E-S
Effect: it allow the user to view to objects. Both the amount of object one can look though and how far depend on the users skill and age.
Drawbacks: When you look through solid objects you cannot see any thing that is not on the other side of the object. It takes a lot of chakra and absolute focuses to create Grezuyti style objects.

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