Fekka Clan [Approved] Sneekers

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Fekka Clan [Approved] Sneekers

Post by Matamo on Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:17 pm

Clan Name: Fekka Clan

Current Leader: Fekka Upitamaru (called Upi by his friends and family)

Kekka Genkei: Weapon Sewing and Magnetism. Not a bloodline, but instead a wide arsenal of secret techniques. The Fekka Clan is known for their ability to manipulate a lot of weapons from a distance using magnetism, but also being a brutal powerhouse at close range.

Requirements: A good reseverve of chakra and good chakra controll for magnetism techniques. Being able to manipulate lightning is a pro, as it is required to controll magnetism. Also, the close range metal weapons are quite heavy and need quite some muscle to be used properly in combat. Nearly every Fekka has a lesser condition, but quite some muscle to make up for it.

Clan Jutsus:
Name: Buki Nuimono no Waza (Act of Weapon Sewing)
Type: Offensive
Rank: C
Description: An easy but effective technique utilizing one or multiple wires and a senbon. Using magnetism, the senbon remains stuck to the wire. As soon as an opponent touches the wire with the senbon or a wire that is attached to the wire with the senbon, the user can cause the senbon to slide at the opponent and cut him in only a blink of the eye. Using the wires to guide the needle, the senbon can achieve incredible speeds and hurt quite badly. This technique works great if the user manages to create a web of connected wires around the victim.

Name: Jishakuten no Jutsu (Magnet Spot Technique)
Type: Supplemental
Rank: B
Description: After forming the needed handseals, the user places a special sign on the target spot, object, or person. At will, the user can cause that spot to activate and attract any nearby metal item he demands like a supermagnet. This spot remains for about 15 minutes, after which it loses its power and becomes useless.

Name: Raiton: Jika no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Magnetize Technique)
Type: Supplemental
Rank: B
Description: A technique that allows the user to send out electronic waves, allowing him to turn nearby metal objects into magnets. He can do the same to make them normal again at will. A very effective technique when using a metal weapon.

Name: Munashii no Jutsu (Void Technique)
Type: Supplemental
Rank: S
Description: An exeptional technique only usefull in certain situations. Using a great deal of his chakra, the user places a special magnetic spot on the ground. Though it looks like a normal magnetic spot, it is many times more powerfull then a regular one. Unlike normal magnetic spots however, this one cannot be controlled and attracts every metal object it can. When activated, it pulls at every metal object in a large radius with great strength, Every shinobi carrying metal is pulled towards it, every building with a metal construction collapses. Note though that the user has to make sure he and his allies carry no metal, or they will be sucked in as well.

Name: Manten Meichuu no Jutsu (perfect hit technique)
Type: Supplemental
Rank: D
Description: One of the most basic of magnetic techniques. After binding a metal wire to a projectile, such as a kunai or a shuriken, the user throws that projectile. By running chakra through the wire and using magnetism to move the wire, the user can adjust the projectiles course. This allows him to controll the flying weapon and allow it to hit even of the target moves or dodges.

Name: Henran no Jutsu (disturbance technique)
Type: Supplemental/Offensive
Rank: C
Description: After creating 4 special spots, the user activates them to create a special, disturbing magnetic field between those 4 locations. Humans in that magnetic field start to feel sick. Not sick enough to die or forfeit a match, but sick enough to lower their achievements in combat. Also, electronic devices in the area are jammed.

Clan History: The Fekka Clan has always been a minor clan. In fact, in the period before the hidden villages the Clan existed only out of several small families with a couple of secret techniques. When the great war ended and the hidden villages were founded however, the Fekka Clan joined Konoha and had the chance to greatly expend in both power and numbers. These days the Fekkas are known for being firm and achieving either great or accurate destruction with their magnetic techniques. All this has to do with their past, in which the clanmembers most likely were nothing but a group of regular blacksmiths. A lot of Clanmembers still appear to have the noble art of smithing in their blood, which is why recently several Fekka Clanmembers have devoted themself to smithing and started an armory rather then becoming a shinobi.

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