Rai-Sora " Lightining-Blade "

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Rai-Sora " Lightining-Blade "

Post by Rai-Sora on Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:45 am

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Village: Cloud Village
Clan: Uchiha
Kekei-genkai: Sharingan; Tamoe 3/ mangekyou sharingan
Personalities: Bored of doing paper work, once there's an attack on the village, the enemy's head will be Rai's Prize.
Background: Rai was born in Konoha, witnessing the jinchuriken, his parents decided to ran away to some place safe, on thier way to the Cloud village, they were attacked by some Akasuki. Rai's parents used a summoning to take Rai away, safely into the Raikage's arms. From then on, The Raikage raised Rai as one of his own, because he had no mate, and he wanted his family to have a type of royaltiy. He trained Rai to learn all of the Raikage's created techniques, and he forced Rai to create his own powerful list of techniques. After the Raikage died, the villagers all turned to Rai and asked him to be the Kage.

Elements: Lightining, Wind, and Water

Jutsu created by Rai:

Raikou Nankan no Jutsu
("Lightning Barrier") Through gaining an understanding of how chakra may be used to create lightning, the user of this technique develops a method to counteract the process. This technique creates a personal barrier around the user, causing chakra-affected lightning that comes into contact with it to disperse. It will completely protect the user from lightning techniques of an equal level or lower to the barrier used, while techniques of a higher rank will only have their effects reduced. This technique requires a constant flow of chakra to maintain, and higher ranks increase proportionally in cost. (D - A Rank, user must have ninjutsu listed as a strength and must specialize in lightning ninjutsu)

Dai Raiken
(Grand Lightening Fist) The user focuses chakra to form electricity in their fists. This adds a powerful shock to their punches.

Dendou Kawarimi no Jutsu
(Electric Replacement Technique) The technique uses the standard Kawarimi no Jutsu but adds a strong electric charge to whatever object is replacing the ninja. When the replacement is struck, it delivers a powerful shock to its attacker. (Note: Kawarimi is required)

Denka no Jutsu
(Electric Charge Technique) This simple ninjutsu allows the ninja to impart an electrical charge to an object which will give a powerful shock to whoever touches the object subsequently. Mostly this is used to impart a charge to a shuriken, kunai, or other metal weapon, however Chuunins and Jounins may use it to impart charge to objects that are not normally known for their conductive properties such as a wooden staff.

Tanbou Raikou
(Searching Lightning) The user slams one or two palms onto the ground, sending a stream of chakra-lightning into it. The lightning will zig-zag forward (or whichever way the hands were pointing) until it hits a target (tree, rock, person, etc). The more chakra pumped into this jutsu, and higher level the nin, the more powerful and more 'fingers' of lightning can be produced, up to 10 fingers of lightning.

(Lightning Mine) Through the use of this technique, the user channels chakra into an item or tag. The charged item can then be set wherever the user wants. The item functions like an exploding tag in the sense that the tag can be timed, proximity, or remote in its detonation. Once detonated, the tag releases a large amount of electricity in the radius of a normal exploding tag, delivering a heavy shock to anyone caught up in the trap.

(Piercing Lightning) Through the use of this technique, the user is able to channel lightning chakra through any object and give it a piercing tip and/or cutting edge. If the charge is put on a weapon that can already pierce or cut, then the edge is made keener.



Houden no Jutsu
(Electrical Discharge Technique) By focusing their chakra, the user is able to convert it into electricity and control it, emitting a strong burst of electricity in a 10 foot dome that deals a heavy shock to all of those caught within the area. If used on water, the area and damage from shock is twice that of a normal use as long as the water covers the total area.

Manako no Same
(Shark's Eye) While not truly related to sharks or an eye, this ninjutsu is a method of perception that mimics a shark's ability to sense electric fields. Because air is a much poorer medium to conduct electricity, the effectiveness is greatly less than a shark's natural sensory abilities. The practitioner is able to pinpoint organisms that produce bio-electricity (essentially any animal) within a twenty foot radius. The technique does not yield any descriptive information about the organism, simply its location. Strong electric fields, such as other electric ninjutsu, are capable of rendering this technique temporarily useless. Additionally, the user must channel chakra to maintain this sensory enhancement. Unless their chakra control is precise, it is best used deliberately as opposed to a constant passive activation.

Kage Rai no Jutsu
(Shadow Lightning Technique) Created by the sennin Shinkai Han and shared across the Hidden Cloud Village. This jutsu causes the user's arms and palms to become wreathed in lightning. The ninja can use this to enhance their unarmed strike, or they can discharge it at once, arcing a massive amount of electricity into a single foe. (Note: Have Raikurai, Dai Raiken and strength in taijutsu as requirement)

Rai Bunshin no Jutsu
(Lightning Clone Technique) The lightning clone is actually a ball of electricity in side a normal clone because the user's chakra sustains the lightning the clone can sustain limited amounts of damage and can also shock its opponent. (Note: Genin)

Rai Katana no Jutsu
(Lightning Sword Technique) Converting chakra to lightning, the ninja creates a long sword of lightning. Its length can be varied by the amount of chakra used.

Raikou Hebi
(Lightning Snakes) Before the initiation of this technique, the user lays out (or has thrown out) lines of wire. The user then sends chakra that has been converted into an electrical state through the wires, causing them to whip around and shock anything they touch.

Rakurai no Jutsu
(Lightning Bolt Skill) User shoots a lightning bolt out of the palms at the victim. If it hits, they victim will be electrified

Rairou no Jutsu
(Lightning Prison Skill) Variant of Suiton Suirou no jutsu, and required one hand. The user traps the victim in a cubic square of lightning. Willingly the user can shock the trapped victim with a continuous amount of weak electric currents. If anyone else touches the outside of the prison will be shocked (Note: Like Suirou no Jutsu.)

Seiteki Shigamitsuku
(Static Cling) Sends a weak wave of electricity across the ground. If hit, the object (shoes, feet, arms, legs, kunai, etc), will be seemingly glued to the ground. Water can dissipate the electricity, however, freeing the object. The cling can also be broken by someone with strong physical strength or an equal amount of chakra to oppose it with.

(Electronic Infiltration) Through the use of this technique, the user is able to travel through electronic devices such as electrical lines. As long as there is some sort of output area to come out of. Travel is incredibly fast, but it isnt instant. The longer the distance, the longer it takes to travel it. The technique is like shunshin except that it covers larger areas of travel and is more limited by when and where it can be used.

(Overload) Through the use of this technique, the user radiates their chakra through the air around them, overloading and disrupting any electronic equipment around them. With enough focused chakra output, the user can also make electronic devices explode. The technique can be focused or spread over an area in order to block out communication lines, radio frequencies, etc.

(Lightning Projectile) Through the use of this technique, the user gathers lightning into the palm of their hand and around their wrist and arm. Once the lightning chakra has gathered, a projectile made of lightning can be fired at the target(s). The projectile is about the size of an arrow, but it is much sharper than a kunai or shuriken, and is launched with much more force and speed than a normal nin can throw it. Up to three projectiles can be fired at once. The technique only needs to be used one time to gather the lightning chakra to the user and continue drawing it out. As such, the user can continue drawing out projectiles in subsequent posts until another technique is used, though each projectile used requires an equal amount of chakra.

Kenrai no Jutsu
(Blades of Lightning Technique) A technique used in with any normal style sword weapon or the Lightning Sword technique. Crackling lightning begins to encompass the blade of the weapon(s), then the user is able to swing single or multiple times with each seperate attack releasing a high impact shocking edge of curved lightning toward a single opponent or group of attackers.

Rai no Muchi
(Whip of Lightning) Through the use of this technique, the user creates a long crackling whip of lightning. The length of the whip varies with the amount of chakra used, the whip impacts like a normal whip, and it has an added shocking property.

Ikadzuchi no Kiba
(Lightning Bolt Fang) Through the use of this technique, the user channels chakra into their hands or weapon and points them at the sky. A plume of lightning will jet up toward the sky above and gather in the clouds, crackle, and then come back down, having gained more speed and power in doing so, the final product far exceeding the Raikurai in power.

(Lightning Ball) Through the use of this technique, the user channels chakra into the palms of their hands, forming a ball of condensed lightning. The user then throws the lightning ball at the enemy which will curve slightly to help hit the target. The lightning ball deals a heavy shock.

Raiton - Keiraidan no Jutsu
(Lightning Release - Piercing Thunder Bullet Technique) Formed after the rabbit, dragon, ox, monkey quartet of handseals, the Keiraidan is a lightning bolt which lacks the secondary, yet infamous electric component. Using the Raikurai technique as a base, the speed and piercing components of the bolt were increased substantially. From a distance of five to ten meters, the Keiraidan will pierce completely through a human being. At its maximum distance of twenty five meters, the Keiraidan operates much like an arrow and merely pierces into the body. A technique useful for quick assassinations. (C-rank)

Raiton - Takarai no Jutsu
(Lightning Release - Thunder Hawks Technique) After forming the bird, ox, monkey handseals, the user releases chakra into the air. This chakra then crackles and takes the shape of hawks formed from pure electric nature chakra. These hawks then home in on the opponent, with the ability to pierce as if they were shuriken and electrocute upon contact. The average number of hawks created with one casting numbers between half to a full dozen. (C-rank)

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Re: Rai-Sora " Lightining-Blade "

Post by Rai-Sora on Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:46 am


(Lightning great cut) Raikozan changes the user's chakra in the form of lightning, forming massive bolts of black electricity between the user's hands, which is then shaped into the form of a massive blade or trowel shape. The jutsu itself is perfect for attacking large targets or piercing through barriers or walls. Since the jutsu drains a tremendous ammount of chakra, the jutsu can only be done when the user is in dire need, and only then for a brief period for a singular slash.

Dai Fuusugai
(Powerful Storm) The user makes a large centralized storm with extreme crashing winds that make it extremely hard to maintain balance. The main aspect of this, however, is to allow the user to control where the lightning would strike. This technique drains chakra in a massive way, usually draining even the strongest of jounin within a minutes time.

Kusari Raikurai
(Chain Lighting) Through the use of this technique, the user sends a lighting bolt towards a target, which then leaps from target to target after the first, damaging each specified. After each jump, the attack gets weaker.

Kuudenkou no Jutsu
(Static Rain Technique) A technique that, if used while the target is directly exposed to rain, significantly wet, or immersed in water, will cause all lightning jutsu to zero in on the target.

Rai Kabe no Jutsu
(Lightning Wall Technique) The ninja expels chakra from key chakra pores and turns it to lightning creating an effect similar to a Vander graph machine. Only in this case, the charge is so huge that electricity arcs out towards incoming projectiles deflecting them, or strikes close targets, injuring them.

Ryuuraidan no Jutsu
(Thunder Dragon Blast Skill) The user creates a blast of lightning shaped like a large dragon, and send it thundering towards their opponent(s). If this attack hits, the victims will most likely be shocked to death. (Note: Like Suiryuudan.)

Raiton - Hyakurai no Jutsu
(Lightning Element - One Hundred Thunder Claps Technique) This technique involves a physical lightning component, and also a secondary sonic component. The user channels a large amount of lightning into their palms and then claps them together. The lightning is compressed and then forced out in a shockwave around the ninja that radiates for about twenty feet in every direction. While not deadly, the shock can be incapacitating. As a secondary effect, the clapping of the palms and discharge of lightning creates an abnormally large sound once described by the former Raikage as "the force of one hundred thunder claps" (hence the technique's name). This sonic component is much like a sonic boom and is able to shatter glass, rupture eardrums, and even knock people off their feet.

Raiton - Rai Boufuu no Jutsu
(Lightning Element - Lightning Storm Technique) For this ninjutsu, the user channels chakra into a handful of kunai, shuriken, needles, or other forms of projectiles, and tosses them into the air. Once thrown, the objects release their chakra in the form of powerful lightning strikes. These strikes can target the same enemy, or multiple foes. The only limit on how many objects can be used this way is simply how much the user can throw with one hand. However, the more that are objects thrown, the more chakra that is used. (Note: High Jounin, must have lightning/electricity use listed as a strength; Hand seals: Ram, Rat, Hare

Yurezuchi no Jutsu
(Quaking Thunder Technique) The user raises their hand and a bolt of lightning strikes into their arm. The user will then proceed to slam their hand into the ground, cracking it and unleashing a torrent of lightning bolts through the ground and at the target.

Raigeki no Yoroi
(Lightning Strike Armor) Through the use of this technique, the user performs the needed seals and creates a disk of lightning above their head. The lightning then shoots down to envelop the user's body in a form of lightning armor. The armor provides minor protection against physical attacks and protects against lightning jutsu of C-rank or lower. In addition, the armor deals a heavy shock to anyone who directly strikes the user.

Sandaa Saaburu
(Thunder Saber) Through the use of this technique, the user will perform the needed handseals and flow chakra into their hand. The chakra will be highly condensed and will make the user's next punch strike with a heavy, earth shattering, explosive impact.

Toruneedo Raitoningu
(Tornado Lightning) Through the use of this technique, the user performs the needed handseals and flows chakra into their hands. Two lightning bolts about 50 feet long shoot out of the user's hands, remain, and begin to whip around wildly, completely destroying the surroundings. The lightning whips deal a heavy shock and a lot of destructive force. The user can control these whips only slightly with a major exertion of their own chakra.

Raiton: Gian
(Lightning Release: False Darkness) A lightning type attack useful at all ranges, Gian is performed by first forming the necessary handseals, ending with the raiton-element oriented handseal of monkey. Lightning nature chakra is then focused through both arms of the user. The arms are then extended forwards powerfully in a pushing motion. A momentary crackle of lightning between both hands serves as a warning before an electric blue "spear" of lightning is launched forth from between the user's hands. A fast and powerful attack, the Gian covers distance at an alarming rate and can easily kill an opponent if they are hit directly. The sheer power of the technique also grants it the ability to damage an opponent who is still relatively close to the attack, should they dodge it. An added feature of the Gian is the ability to split into two separate bolts of lightning to strike another target. The power of the attack is halved, making it only twice as powerful as the average Raikurai. (B-Rank)


Raiya Houchou
(Lightning arrow step) By harnessing the earth's electrical fields to generate electricity, this works as long as the user's legs are connected to the earth. When in use, this allows the user to nearly instantly to close short distances and strike within the same motion. Usable at distances of several feet or less, this allows one to deliver an electrically charged palm thrust should it connect. If no contact is made between the ground and the user's legs, this is unusable. There is a downside as the user cannot change directions once the technique is initiated, thus allowing a more skilled opponent to dodge if they see it coming. (Rank A)

Tajuu Rai Bunshin no Jutsu
(Mass Lightning Clone Technique) This technique is identical to the Rai Bunshin no Jutsu, only it can produce ten to twenty times the amount of clones. (Note: knowledge of rai bunshin is required)

Kinjutsu - Kairo no Jutsu
(Forbidden Technique - Electric Circuit Technique) An extremely useful, but equally deadly technique, the Kairo technique is, at its core, a defensive technique. It was created as a method for Kumogakure shinobi to defend against opponents who also wielded raiton. However, what better way to defend against an opposing lightning attack but to turn it back on them. The only 'seal' used in the Kairo technique is the "Ram" seal extended outwards (pointers face outwards). The enemy jutsu is caught upon the tips of the fingers and is then guided down the left arm by the fingers of the right, along the chakra pathways of the arm and into those of the lowe abdomen, being careful to keep the electricity away from the chakra coils around the heart. The right arm is then extended and the jutsu fired back at its original user.(A-Rank Kinjutsu)

While useful, this technique has many potentially fatal drawbacks. For one, the user must be grounded in some way shape of form during this jutsu's use. Should they be removed from the earth, the electricity will simply disperse within their body and electrocute them. Second, they must be stationary as the jutsu requires too much concentration to be performed while moving. Third, the captured electricity must be released quickly as it will shock the user should it not be. Fourth and most importantly, the user MUST guide it away from the heart. Many inexperienced users of this technique have fallen due to their carelessness, their hearts literally fried within their chests. It is for this reason that the Kairo no Jutsu is a forbidden technique. (A-rank, Kinjutsu)

Kinjutsu - Heikairo no Jutsu
(Forbidden Technique - Closed Circuit Technique) A kinjutsu very similar to the Kairo technique. It is begun in exactly the same manner as Kairo and executed in a similar manner. However, the difference lies in that upon reaching the abdomen of the user, the electricity is internalized for a period of ten seconds. The user then must close distance with the opponent and make contact with them, releasing the stored electricity, shocking all participants. This technique is deemed a sacrificial technique because a powerful enough technique may kill both user and target. The power of the electricity absorbed is divided equally amongst all participants, so more parties involved equates to a "milder" shock. Should the user not make contact with a living organism within ten seconds, the electricity is released throughout their body, potentially killing them. (A-Rank, Kinjutsu)
(Forbidden Technique - Lasengan) The user creates a Rasangan made of thier own chakra, then force Lightining into it. The user must use the deadly ball within the post they made it, and the user must run as far away as possible. The Lasengan, when hit to anything, sticks onto the object/enemy because of the way it's rotating. The Lasengan expolodes, sending one powerful shock through the object enemy and elecricute it. Followed right after the blast, the Lasengan's lightining properties cut the object/enemy at an unimaginable rate. This technique requires an extream amount of time to learn, and an extream percentage of damage to the user, but the beneift is an almost knockout. The enemy may be able to live after the attack, but they will be pernementally, phyically paralized at the place he/she was hit. (S-Rank, Kinjutsu)

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Re: Rai-Sora " Lightining-Blade "

Post by Rai-Sora on Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:51 am

Jutsus known:
The Thousand Birds
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: This jutsu is Kakashi's sole original technique, originally formed for the use of assassination. The user, gathers such a large concentration of chakra in the had, that it becomes visible. Pushing the limits of the body, the user charges forward, the chakra amount growing, as does the incredible speed. The chakra becomes so powerful, that it becomes similar to a blade, and is able to cut through near anything. The attack creates a constant 'chi' noise, sounding like a thousand birds advancing towards you. The jutsu gained its name from this sound. This jutsu gained the nickname 'Lightning Edge' or, Raikiri - When Kakashi cut a bolt of lightning in half using it.

Furou Fushi no Jutsu
Immortality Skill
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A jutsu that grants the user the ability to project his soul into the world, anchoring the spirit. The user can then find a new body, take control of it - and once again become young. It is a reincarnation spell
Kage Shuriken no Jutsu

Shadow Shuriken Skill
Type: Taijutsu
Description: A technique which places a second shuriken in the shadow of a first (thrown) shuriken, confusing the enemy
Kawarimi no Jutsu

Body Substitute Skill
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A common jutsu - used to quickly replace a body with a close by object. Creates confusing among the opponent(s) - creating a chance to escape, or return with a larger strike. Useful for avoiding attacks, and hiding from potential enemies.
Kaze no Yaiba

Wind Blade
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Creates a blade of wind, that is impossible to block. Requires no tool to perform

Air Slicing Blast
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A device implanted in both arms of the user (usually from the palms) allows the control of super sonic sound waves an air pressure. The device allows the currents to be concentrated in one place, and creates large blasts of air - shot from the palms.

Ultimate Air Slicing Blast
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A device implanted in both arms of the user (usually from the palms) allows the control of super sonic sound waves an air pressure. The device allows the currents to be concentrated in one place, and creates large blasts of air - shot from the palms. This is a more powerful blast than the Zankuuha.

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Re: Rai-Sora " Lightining-Blade "

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