Unbalanced Invasions.

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Unbalanced Invasions.

Post by Quiver? on Sat Aug 29, 2009 10:51 pm

Be the first to build a home in the Gwammar kingdom! Choose from a variety of races and jobs, explore the world to discover new locations and events, choose your own path! You now may be the traditional fighter or mage, but may also choose to not be one for military and start a buissness of your own! King Gwammar or the Insider Ghost will grant you money to build up your proporty, join classes, buy wepons, or bribe other players!

(Ok, so we are lacking on players, need a much larger start on things, but hay, that is what advertising is for! The advantage of being one of the first, is not only to get ahead, but you will also help greatly with the development of the forumotion, creating a game that would be greatly fun to your standards!)


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