How To RP Rules

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How To RP Rules

Post by Lucifer on Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:21 am

These rules are for people who dont know how to rp well. So read all this before you begin to rp

-No text rp-ing (Omg, Idk, Nm, Gtg, etc.)

-Try to use proper spelling and grammar

-Every post has to be atleast 4 lines

-When talking about something unrelated to the rp put it in parantheses
(Ex. ((I have to go))

-No Force Playing:Force playing is when you dont give the opponent to dodge an attack, and you write that you hit him, when roleplaying you have to give the person the choice of getting hit or not

Ex. of force playing (Mike runs up to john and punches him in the gut.)

This is not the correct way to rp so please do not force play.

This is the correct way Ex.(Mike runs up to John and throws a punch to the gut hoping that it would land.)

-No God-Modding:God-modding is when you dodge every attack that is aimed at you and every attack you throw lands

Ex. of God-Modding(Mike dodges all the shuriken attacks sent at him and disappears and then reappears behind John and kicks him in the back.)

This is not the correct way to rp your character cannot be able to dodge every attack and land every hit if you do you will ruin the rp

This is the correct way you would rp this ex.(Mike doges some of the attacks but still gets hit by some shuriken, Mike then uses a bodyflicker technique to appear behind John and throws a kick hoping the attack will land)

This way would be the correct way and it will make the rp more interesting.

-When you rp you talk in the third person perspective

-your character might see what the other person is doing but that doesn't mean he knows what to do or how to react in that situation

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