Wings Clan

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Wings Clan

Post by Jamel Wings on Fri Aug 29, 2008 7:23 pm

Clan Name: Wings

Current Leader: Jamel Wings

Kekka Genki: Birds Eye

Clan Jutsus:

Bird Summoning Jutsu(D): This is Jamel's clan's own made Jutsu. In this Jutsu, Jamel summons Five of the strongest birds he ever seen. When Jamel summons them, he uses them to fight for him. They Scratch and Peck until the opponnat is weak. They then leave and let Jamel do the rest. Two of the Birds he uses is his own birds.

Bird Exploding Jutsu(D): This is Jamel's other own made Jutsu. Jamel uses his Three pet Birds in this Jutsu. He tells them to go to the opponet. Once at the opponet, Jamel does the Hand Signs, and his Birds explode. After the Jutsu, they reborn from the ashes.

Requirements: Birds Eye

Clan History: This is own of the newest clans. 50 years ago, a man was born to the Nara Clan with a Bird's Eye. He was shunned by everyone he seen. He then found out that he could control birds with his eye when a whole bunch of birds took him away and bowed down to him. So he used this power to mae the birds bring him up into the sky. On the cloud, he built his own Village. He named it the Village in the Sky. He then created his own clan called the Wings Clan. Everytime someone was borned, they were giving a bird of their own as a pet. They could use them to fight.
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