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Post by Akihiro Hiro on Fri Aug 29, 2008 7:53 pm

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

Name:Itami Akihiro



Village:No village.

Ninja Rank:Missing nin.



Personality:He's a quiet, mysterious person, that hides in the darkness. He only comes out when prevoked. His favorite animals are cats. He carries a black cat on his right shoulder to symbolize his dedication to them. He doesn't have any friends and lives alone.

Special Characteristics:Doesn't have much chakra, uses the nature around him as a weapon.

Elements:earth and water

Skills/Specialties:His keki genki is Kidate. (Kidate is the Itami clans keki genki. This special ability allows the user to be able to control the effects of nature depending on which elements they have. Water and air users can change the liquid and temp. Like rain to hail or snow to ice. Those with earth and water can change the condition of any physical object attached to the ground. Like trees become as hard as stone, or as soft as grass. Tough he doesn't use this power because he doesn't want to go crazy with it)His main specialty is taijutsu, and his sub is weaponry. He doesn't use his Kidate unless he's on his last resort. He did train himself to use the Kidate but because he doesn't want to go mad with power, he refuses to use it. Kidate means nature. He has another ability as well. It's called Omoi Rensa no jutsu. This allows the user to learn about and pick up jutsu's related to the specific animal he/she choses. Akihiro did learn this as well, and used it on neko's.

Jutsus:Omoi Rensa no jutsu-allows the user to learn about and pick up jutsu's related to the specific animal that he/she choses.

Oni Neko no jutsu-summons cats from heck to attack any target that the summoner choses. Oni-demon, Neko-cat.

Neko possesstion no jutsu-summoner is able to possess any cat to do his/her biding.

Tenshi Neko no jutsu-summons cats from heaven to protect the summoner at his/her request. Tenshi-angel, Neko-cat.

Kuro Buki no jutsu-summons weapons form heck at the summoners request to do what he/her says. Kuro-dark, Buki-weapon.

Omoi Kujiku no jutsu-Confuses the mind of any living thing that he/her choses.
Omoi-mind, Kujiku-crush.

Yurasu Kujiku no jutsu-Takes the rock around the area the summoner is in, and directs it to the target chosen. Yurasu-rock, Kujiku-crush.

Mizu Nami no jutsu-Takes the water around the area the sumoner is in, and directs it to the target chosen. Mizu-water, Nami-wave.

Shikyo Ame Aisu no jutsu-Takes any sorce of water and puts it into rain form. Then brings it down onto the target chosen in vast sharp pointed ice. Shikyo-death, Ame-rain, Aisu-ice.

History/Background Story:History/Background Story:Akihiro was born into the Itami family as an ordinary boy.The Itami clan is a clan that has no mercy, and only care about themselves. They have a special bloodline that allows them to become one with the closest animal that they know, learing new jutsus related to that specific creature. They have dark purple eyes, and black or dark crimson hair. Although they seemed murderous to all, the Itami clan is really a peaceful, honorable place. Everyone knows everyone, and gets along with one another. Akihiro was raised by his father,Itami Anto, since his mother passed on at a early age, who only told about how selfish and stuck up their clan was. This was the only thing Akihiro learned, and stuck to it. He acted how everyone els acted, stealing, back talking, and raising his voice. The rest of the Itami clan, including his father, looked down on Akihiro, calling him evil, and terrible. Akihiro of course, took this as complements, and thought nothing of it. It was until the clan decided to have him banished that he found out the truth about his clan. His father had told him wrong all those years, and turned on him like it had nothing to do with him. Akihiro tried to explain to the fellow clan members that his father told him to act like this, but they payed no attention to him, and forced him to flee from thier lives. He had officialy become a missing nin at that moment.

After six months of being a missing nin, Akihiro had started to take intrest in taijutsu rather than his own keki genki or gen or ninjutsu. He preferred not to use chakra as much anymore because he knew it would only make him look selfish using it. From the moment he left the village, he wanted to not only become good, but to become stronger in his own way. He didn't use his elements to fend for himself, he did it without any chakra or special trait. He didn't cheat and become selfish again. He praticed day and night on his taijutsu, and never used any of his chakra, becoming one with the natural energy around him.

Although being this close to nature was a good thing, Akihiro was very lonely. Each day he would feel his joy being sucked away. He decided to solve is problem one day by creating a playmate for himself by taking a round rock, and carving a face into it with an extremly hot staff like rock he made for hunting. Once he was finished, he started to have conversations with it everyday, getting more and more attached to it. He decided to leave the rock behind when he went out to go get fire wood one night. It took him longer than expected to gather it than he thought. Once he was finished, it was darker out than before. Akihiro hurried back to his conpainion, but when he got there, the rock was gone. Stricken by guilt, he started to go on a rampage into the forest looking for him. He searched day and night for three days, until he became completly exhausted. He passed out from hunger, and stress in the middle of the forest.

Once he wonk up, he felt more energized. As he looked around, he saw black cats circling him, watching his every move. One of the cats reached out to Akihiro, and rubbed it's face on his arm. Pleased by this, he picked up the cat and brought it to his face. Instead of being dirty, smelly, and having stiff fur. The neko was soft and smelled clean. He decided to stay with the neko's, and soon became apart of them. They were inseprable. Then one day, five years later, Akihiro decided that he was brave enough to go back to the village, to the clan that shunned him away because of his selfishness. Akihiro wanted none of his feline friends to know he was leaving and why, because it would only cause a riot with the cats and him. So, he left in the middle of the night, only to be followed by one of the neko's. It was his closest friend. He tried to get the cat to turn back, and go to his kind, but the neko refused and hopped on his right shoulder. Instead of fighting for the neko to go back, he accepted the fact that it wasn't leaving, and let him tag along.

Once reaching the gates of his former home, he was stopped by two guards, asking why he has come, and what his business was here. Akihiro looked lost for words, but the neko on his soulder made up for his actions by using a mind jutsu (they were mysterious cats that came out of no where in the forest. No one knew what they could do.) and brought the two shinobi to fight each other. While distracted by their battle with one another, Akihiro and his best friend trolled on by with out casting them a second glance. (Akihiro wasn't effected in any way when the neko used a jutsu because he had already learned of their ways shortly after he met them.) The made their way to the gates of the Itami clans doors, only to see that it was abandoned like. It felt...empty. Ignoring this fact, they went inside. Once they reached a shop, the went inside, expecting to see life. Unfortunatly, it was emtpy except for the clothes that still remained. Realizing that what he was wearing didn't suit the shinobi, Akihiro decided to 'borrow' some of the clothes. He came out wearing a black tanktop, with black pants, black sneakers, a black jacket, black fighting gloves, and a black fighting headband with nothing on it that he tied to his forehead, with the ends of it going down to the middle of his back. He wore it all without any symbol on anything he was wearing. He did this just incase he wouldn't be accepted back into the village as an Itami, and to prove his loaltey to his fellow neko.

Akihiro made his was to his old house, only to be welcomed by silence. As he walked inside, he began to notice dried up blood stains on the floor on the inside of the door. He walked up to the stains and smelled it (Since he trained with neko's, he gained better senses than that of a human.) only to figure out it was the blood of his own father, as well as two other mysterious nin. Akihiro and his neko ran out of the house. He went into every single house and store he could find, to see if there was anyone there, or at least a trace or scent. After wandering through the entire Itami clan, Akihiro and Black Night (The neko's name is black night, after its fur color) bumped into a passer by. Akihiro grabed the stranger by the color, and demanded to know where his clan was. The man told him of how a group of ten s-class missing nin had picked a fight with the Itami clan, and ended up defeating every last one of them. They were missing nin from his clan. No one knew why they would attack their flesh and blood. The next day, all the bodies were gone. After learing the truth, he put his head down in anger and left. Akihiro was never the same after learing the truth. It had changed his personality drasitcly. Instead of being a kind, nice person like he once was, he became a silent, mysterious person. It had taken a toll on him, to see the blood on the walls of his house. He left the compond afterwards, and never came back. He became a traveler, and wandered around the world. He worked for himself and only himself. Black Night had fully grown and still stayed on Akihiro's back. The two became inseprable. They used their abilites to take down anyone they thought was a threat, and stole from all. In the end, Akihiro became the thing he feared the most. A cold hearted killer.

Roleplay Sample:Akihiro walks down the pathway towards his home for dinner. As he walks, he heres the all to familiar sounds of the passer byes talk about him being a stuck up brat that only cares about himself. Akihiro has heard these things being said about him behind his back for as long as he can remember, but took them as compliments. He is halfway there when he hears something that perks his intrest coming from two old women on the right of him. He tries not to look at them, but starts to grow curious inside.

Old woman: Look at him, that brat.

The woman next to her nodds her head.

Other woman: Yeah, I don't know why the head concil won't just ban him from our clan already. I don't like the way he's abusing his powers. That selfish stuck up good for nothing brat.

Akihiro gives them no more than a quick look of curiosity before he hears the call from his father.

Anto: Akihiro! Dinners ready! Hurry up! I need to talk to you!

As Akihiro ponders over why his father would need to talk to him, he enters the door to his house. His father, Itami Anto puts down his food in front of him. It was a piece of bread, with ramen, and water on the side.Once he was done, he sat down next to him. As Akihiro starts to reach for the water, his father starts to speak.

Anto: Akihiro.
Akihiro picks up the glass and answers with a questioning grunt as he takes a drink.

Anto: Alright! Lets cut to the chase Akihiro. I, along with the rest of the clan are tired of your selfishness towards others. Day and night all you do is complain, whine, and take without asking. We have had it! By order of the head concil of the clan, you Itami Akihiro are hearby banished from the Itami clan!

Akihiro froze at his fathers words. He was...banished!? How was he supposed to fend for himself! What would he do? Where would he live? What did his father think of him?

Akihiro:What do you mean I'm banished?! What did I do?

Anto: We are tired of the way you treat us, as well as the other members of our prideful clan. Until you gain the respect for others that you don't have, you are to leave this clan and fend for yourself. All your things are packed upstairs, finish eating and leave at once!

Tears started to well up in Akihiro's eyes, but he shook them away. If that was how they were going to treat him, mabey it was for the better if he left. He stood up, and started to walk out the door. He was hoping that he would find it in his heart that he was wrong, that his father should try to stop him from leaving, from becoming a missing nin. Anto just sat there, eating like nothing was happening. He glared at his father for the longest time before turning on his heel, and running out of the door.
Akihiro: I can't beleive you would do this to me....

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With your jutsus fill it out like this

Jutsus Name:Chidori
Effect:Chidori (a.k.a. Raikiri) is a Ninjutsu technique developed by Hatake Kakashi utilizing the Lightning Element. Chidori allows him to cut through any foe. Later, Uchiha Sasuke used his Sharingan and the training of Kakashi to also learn the technique. It was given the nickname Raikiri after it was said Kakashi used the technique to cut a lightning bolt in two. Chidori is used for assassination purposes. Activating the body to focus chakra to the hand, Kakashi and Sasuke's hand become enveloped by an electrical force. This force is their chakra altered in nature to an electrical current. By altering the shape of the force, similar to an electrical discharge, they can decide the power and range of the attack.

After concentrating all the chakra into the arm, Kakashi and Sasuke use their quickness and the power of the thrust from the chakra to pierce any object with the extended forearm. Because their opponent can easily counter the attack, it requires a Sharingan user to make the technique worthwhile. The Sharingan will allow them to predict any moves their opponent decides to make and send their strike home into the target. Due to the high speed, the force emits a sound like a thousand birds chirping which gave the technique its name. Because of the great amount of chakra needed to utilize the technique, the technique can only be used so many times during the day.

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